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Executive Compensation and Board Advisory

WTW provides strategic and research-driven executive compensation and board advisory consulting to help companies balance talent and governance risks and drive business performance.

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How executive pay is set, managed and communicated is increasingly sensitive. Executive pay programs are more complex and also under closer scrutiny than ever before. WTW provides expert perspectives and consulting that companies need to balance talent and governance risks and drive business performance.

We work with management and boards to balance the interest of key stakeholders and reach pay arrangements that stand up to close scrutiny from shareholders, regulators and others. We bring your organization expert analytical resources, best-in-class competitive data and a global team of dedicated executive pay consultants, underpinned by our framework of “Guiding Principles”.

What sets WTW apart

As one of the world’s largest executive compensation consulting practices, our global team works to deliver:

  • Depth and breadth of technical and industry expertise, delivered by our 400+ consultants in 35 cities across six continents
  • Extensive compensation databases and a dedicated research function offering clients comprehensive research and analytics capabilities
  • The right balance of global connectivity and on-the-ground local expertise
  • A multidisciplinary approach that connects WTW’s market-leading HR advisory, data and software solutions

Board Advisory

Board of directors must work together to drive company performance, create sustainable long-term value, future-proof their companies and ensure regulatory conformance. WTW helps companies build better boards by conducting board effectiveness assessments, reviewing board composition and skills, and assessing board diversity and stewardship styles.

team members, 35 cities, 6 continents
participants in our executive compensation benchmarking surveys

Featured campaign

Executive Compensation, Human Capital Governance, and ESG

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) and human capital governance (HCG) issues are emerging as top priorities in the boardroom. Our ground-breaking research provides a holistic perspective on how global ESG and HCG issues are addressed in the boardroom, shedding light on the evolving future of the compensation committee.

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