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Successful strategies enable organizations around the world to make informed, intelligent and integrated decisions to unlock opportunities, stay ahead in a continuously changing landscape and build long-term sustainable value.

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WTW believes that thoughtful and intentional management of sustainability enhances our success and that of our clients.

We’re proud to share the actions we’ve taken in support of sustainability through our client solutions, the management of our business operations and the culture we foster for our colleagues. Our sustainability efforts help us achieve our purpose to transform tomorrows, build a foundation for growth and drive long-term sustainable value that benefits our clients, colleagues, shareholders, partners and global community.ˮ

Carl Hess | CEO, WTW

WTW and sustainability

We believe organizations that are thoughtful about their impact create long-term sustainable value and have a competitive advantage. This perspective guides how we approach the people, risk and capital solutions we deliver to propel the world's leading organizations forward, make them more resilient, motivate their workforces and maximize their performance.

In addition to helping our clients, we also focus on sustainability — which refers to the environmental, people and community, and governance programs that help us manage the impact of our own internal business operations.

Our approach

Sustainability covers a broad set of principles and topics and connects various stakeholders across our company. We recognize that each pillar is unique and requires different management: This framework helps us to plan for growth.


How WTW performs as a steward of natural resources

People and community

How WTW manages relationships with colleagues, clients, shareholders, suppliers and communities


How WTW manages business ethics, leadership and internal controls

For more on WTW’s approach, see the 2023 Sustainability report.

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