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We understand your casualty risks are unique, so as your insurance broker we will create customized solutions to help protect your organization’s bottom line.

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Casualty risks are constantly evolving and growing in frequency, scope and complexity. Every risk is unique due to changing legal or regulatory environments and shifting markets.

Additionally, the simple term “casualty” includes several areas of risk, such as:

  • Automobile
  • Environmental
  • Product recall
  • General liability
  • Product liability
  • Workers’ compensation and employer’s liability

We approach these exposures with a practical, cohesive strategy rather than separately. As your insurance broker, our goal is to understand your unique risks and formulate customized solutions that help protect your organization’s bottom line.

We provide a range of casualty solutions including:

  • Identification and quantification of risks
  • Exposure analysis, including casualty risk heat maps
  • Limit purchasing analysis
  • Risk retention analysis
  • Prioritization of risk financing goals
  • Insurance program design, including customized policy wording
  • Newly developed solutions to cover previously unaddressed areas of corporate exposure
  • Periodic state-of-the-market analysis, with analysis of insurance market intelligence throughout the year
  • White papers addressing emerging casualty risks and topics
  • Preparation of policy form comparisons
  • Forensic accounting

Our casualty insurance model

We are a global broker employing the latest technology to provide you with seamless service wherever you are in the world.

We operate a single Direct and Facultative team that covers several key global territories. This model enables us to share skills, expertise and knowledge globally and deliver placement solutions based on your risk appetite and profile.

Direct and Facultative

By pooling our collective expertise, the Direct and Facultative team generates a greater level of insight and strategic thinking. Our collaborative approach affirms our commitment to provide you with solutions that consider both your unique short- and long-term risks and objectives.

Through the Direct and Facultative team’s shared knowledge and experience, we recognize evolving trends and challenges and identify new solutions across territories.

Together, we operate as a unified global team, enhancing market access and delivering increased transparency across our business. Using our major insurance placement offices and their access to the global markets, we find you the capacity and policy for your unique risks.

Service differentiators

We provide insurance brokerage services with traditional values, advice and relationships that you can trust.

Our main differentiators we pride ourselves on are:

  • Genuine collaboration: We work across teams and locations to provide you with optimal solutions and outcomes.
  • Analytics optimized for your spending: We can analyze and translate bulk data into useful intelligence and insight to help you make the right decision.
  • Competitive coverage and terms: Through our global market access, we can find you the right insurance coverage for your business with the best available terms.
  • White-glove service: Our aim is to deliver day-to-day support throughout the year, ensuring your business runs smoothly without interruption.

How we do it

With our one team mindset, our people work seamlessly across geographies to provide you with outstanding and enhanced levels of insight. We pride ourselves for being:

  • Personal and personable: We go above and beyond to get to know you and to ensure you enjoy working with us.
  • Proactive and tenacious: Our teams have the culture and determination to deliver. We will not stop until we have found the best solution for your unique needs.
  • Authentic: We provide brokerage services with our traditional values, advice and relationships that you can trust.

Casualty insurance frequently asked questions

What is casualty insurance?

Casualty insurance covers a variety of accidental losses including bodily injury, property damage and product liability among others. It includes a number of different types of insurance, including automotive, workers’ compensation and product liability. Casualty insurance is closely related to property insurance.

Who needs casualty insurance?

Any organization that could be held legally responsible for damages to others, whether it’s bodily injury or property damage, should consider purchasing casualty insurance. This includes businesses that operate in industries with a high risk of accident or claims.

Can casualty insurance be customized to meet specific needs of my business?

Yes, casualty insurance policies can be customized to meet your organization’s unique risks. We can work with you to identify your risks and determine the appropriate coverage and limits for your needs.

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