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Insurer Solutions Innovation Sandbox

Innovating and transforming insurance together

Innovation is at the heart of our business. It is how we help insurers make better data-driven decisions faster. It’s how we harness automation and artificial intelligence to address insurance needs. And it’s how we hone our sophisticated algorithms to reduce cost, enhance profitability, and deliver growth.

The principle is to make sure the best of the great ideas that our insurance specialists routinely bring to the table in the course of solving clients’ challenges aren’t applied once, and once only, but become part of our overall offering to insurers. They may be a new technology, a refinement or new application of existing technology, a methodology or modelling improvement, a way to generate more in-depth analytical insights from data – or a combination of some or all of these.

And this pool of ideas helps feed an ongoing cycle of prioritising and funding further detailed research and development of the initiatives that are likely to offer the widest commercial benefit within the insurance sector.

In the Insurer Solutions Innovation Sandbox, you can hear about some of our latest ideas and innovations from colleagues who are driving those initiatives.


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