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Global Pension Finance Watch: First Quarter 2023

By Nathan Pavlik and David Finn | April 20, 2023

Q1 2023 was significantly more stable than the previous four quarters despite some headwinds from the banking industry.

The direction of movement varied by country, but discount rates ended the period in a relatively similar position to the end of Q4 2022. Asset performance was modestly positive, and inflationary pressures remain but show signs of subsiding. Overall, the combined effects drove modest, positive first quarter pension index results for all countries except for Japan and U.S.

While it is always the case that Global Pension Finance Watch captures results at the end of each quarter, we particularly want to highlight the point in time view of this publication in light of recent volatility. WTW supports the daily monitoring of pension funded status and other key pension financial metrics for those organizations wishing to inform key business decisions.

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