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ESG and Your People Webcasts

November 22, 2022

In our latest series of virtual masterclasses we focus on supporting your ESG goals as part of your people agenda.
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ESG In Sight

ESG serves as the conduit for linking responsible organizational purpose to the commitment to continuing to drive business growth.”

Hazel Rees | Work & Rewards Leader, Europe

During our webcasts we heard practical approaches that optimise rewards, create inspiring careers, bring out the best performance and deliver leading employee experiences. All of which align to build resilience through embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) as a fundamental purpose (and differentiator) within the world of business, today and into the future. We believe that good ESG is simply good business. It creates a sustainable tomorrow for generations to come.

The S of ESG

  • Jason Gibbins, Global Head of Performance and Reward, Diageo discussed with Carole Hathaway how global rewards strategy can come from efficient yet flexible operating models. And that understanding who truly owns ESG matrix or the importance of having a framework to support people is important in difficult times.
  • Vassilis Fragkoulis, Head of Corporate Total Rewards, Nestlé shared with Florian Frank his own perspective on the importance of simplicity in building meaningful S measures into incentives, re-considering each component, the number of components as well as the number of KPIs.
  • Tom Hellier and Tom Wooldridge gave us insight into how organisations can achieve greater impact when considering the role of performance management especially the importance of making it fun to improve employee’s awareness and adoption.

ESG Purpose as the missing link to Pay

  • Ruchi Arora, Stephanie Rudbeck and Alexa Beazer discussed the interconnectivity of each of the areas of skills, employee experience, and took away that idea of purpose as such a key part of how people are motivated in ESG issues.
  • Richard Hanson talked us through five smart steps people can take when applying skills to the ESG goals of organisations, and this is important to look at what is already in an organisation and what can be uncovered.
  • Simon Barron, Group Head of Reward, Reckitt and Hannah Summers from the Climate Resilience Hub were interviewed by Alasdair Wood on the levels organisations could go to in monitoring and incentivising ESG and looking at the future with ambitions targets to tackle carbon emissions even at the level of the consumer.

You can access both our ESG and Your People Webcast replays by completing the form on your right, or below on a mobile device.


Hazel Rees
Senior Director, GB Rewards Business Leader

Claire Lawford
Senior Director
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