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Solutions for Life

Solutions for Life is a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of software tools and consulting services that provide cutting-edge solutions across all areas of the actuarial risk reporting process to help life insurers save time and money, comply with regulatory demands and optimise legacy systems.

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Our vision is an integrated analytical systems architecture that enables life insurers to transform and thrive in a challenging marketplace. Solutions for Life is our vision realised — an interconnected portfolio of software, technology and consulting services that provides an end-to-end solution to the risk and actuarial reporting process.

Image showing the end-to-end risk reporting process. Policy data and asset data is cleansed then grouped then uploaded to model runs. During this ESG creation and assumptions also feeds into model runs. The model runs flow into adjustments, proxies and risk calibration then back into capital modelling.  The software tools and platform available at each stage are cleansing: DataValidator, Grouping: Cluster Model, ESG Creation: STAR ESG, Assumptions: Assumption management utilities, Emblem, PulseModel, Model Runs: RiskAgilityFM, HPC, vGrid, Azure, Proxies: RiskAgility PM and Capital Model: RiskAgility EC and RiskAgility SF
Figure 1. End-to-end risk reporting process

Solutions for Life is made up of four key components:

Best of breed tools

We believe that you need flexibility in choosing your software tools, building on components already in place and selecting best of breed solutions where existing systems are not fit for purpose or where gaps exist.

We provide market-leading tools specifically designed to support your end-to-end reporting needs, using a modular system to facilitate a best of breed approach, enabling you to leverage the investment in tools that you have already made.


Validates and cleanses data to prepare it for use in downstream financial modeling and reporting processes, providing easily auditable reports to bring a level of rigor and governance to your data processes.

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Generates economic scenarios and asset returns under risk-neutral or real-world bases in a globally consistent framework.

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Fits predictive models rapidly to large and complex data sets to reveal underlying patterns in customer data, including claims experience, mortality, and renewals and conversion.

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A stochastic multi-state mortality/morbidity model informed by detailed medical research combined with expert medical opinions; allows firms to rate business based on various medical risk factors.

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RiskAgility Financial Modeler (FM)

Enables life insurers to run financial models that accurately reflect their company's products and to run them in ways that are easily adapted to their business processes.

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RiskAgility Proxy Modeler (PM)

Standardizes and automates all stages of the proxy modeling process, reducing the manual effort in what can otherwise be a resource-intensive process.

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RiskAgility Economic Capital Aggregator (EC)

Calculates and embeds flexible economic capital models in day-to-day risk management with greater speed and precision.

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RiskAgility Standard Formula (SF)

Aggregates the solvency capital requirement using the EIOPA Solvency II standard formula for life, health and PC business across single entities and groups.

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Flexible infrastructure

Infrastructure options have evolved. The evolution started by moving from desktop to data centre, but now the data centre is moving into the cloud. The vast majority of our products can be deployed either on premise or managed in the cloud. In addition, we are gradually making many of our products available as a service on either a subscription or usage fee basis.

Solutions for Life infrastructure options include:


Combined with RiskAgility FM, vGrid provides fully scalable, on-demand access to compute resource, delivered as a fully managed service by Willis Towers Watson.

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A one-stop online workplace portal which enables a range of Willis Towers Watson's leading insurance software products, and other supplementary actuarial programs, to be delivered as a fully managed service.

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Microsoft HPC

Access to a fixed, on-premise, high-performance computing (HPC) grid for distributing model calculations across calculation cores in a physical data centre.

Microsoft Azure

Provides fully scalable, on-demand access to compute resource in conjunction with a Microsoft Azure Cloud subscription.

Integration platform

A complete solution requires a level of integration and automation to orchestrate the end-to-end reporting process and should be subject to mandatory levels of governance. Only then can genuine efficiencies and new capabilities be delivered to provide an assurance around analytics that can truly drive business decisions.

In response to this issue, we developed Unify — an enterprise risk and actuarial systems integration platform. Unify transforms financial modelling and reporting processes through a comprehensive integration, automated process management and governance solution.


Automates and governs the end-to-end financial modeling and reporting process by integrating multiple software applications into user-defined workflows.

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World-class services

Our world-class consulting services inform our tools, meaning they continue to be leading-edge and remain at the forefront of the insurance industry's latest thinking.

As new market challenges arise, our services have expanded to ensure our solutions continue to meet your needs. We go beyond traditional actuarial services, encompassing IT integration and SaaS, to bring you an innovative solution to your risk technology demands.

Software as a Service

A Willis Towers Watson developed and standardised service based in Microsoft Azure.

Managed hosted solutions

A client-tailored Willis Towers Watson data centre hosted solution.

Technology consulting services

A complete solution to the design, implementation and optimisation of risk management software, provided by specialists not IT generalists.

Technology support services

A flexible range of first, second and third line application support services provided by a global team of risk management software experts.

Actuarial consultancy

A global community with the strategic and analytical skills to solve practical business problems, applying the latest techniques and software solutions to help you measure and manage risk and capital, grow revenue and create a competitive advantage.

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