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Improve your employee experience and drive business performance with Engage, WTW’s employee engagement platform. It’s a game changer.

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You've had to reinvent the way work gets done. We've reinvented the employee experience.

Employees will tell you everything you need to know about your organization if you just ask them. We harness the power of the employee voice to help you improve the employee experience by understanding what’s working well, what’s not and what you need to change. The bottom line: Better employee insights help you create a better employee experience.

Meet Engage, the industry’s premier employee engagement platform

Used by more than 500 of the world's leading organizations each year, Engage, WTW’s game-changing employee engagement platform, brings together a brain trust of the world's foremost organizational psychologists with cutting-edge technology and the world's largest normative benchmark database to drive action, change and impact for your organization.

Smarter, more powerful technology
Powerful, but simple

Get to the right level of insight with multi-layered cross tabs, drilldowns into your organization’s hierarchy and new combinations of data. It’s power where you need it; simplicity where you don’t.

Narrative, but invaluable

Leverage AI-powered text analytics to understand employees’ underlying sentiments in natural language, not keywords or jargon.

Storyboards, but actionable

Explore smart, simple and compelling stories detailing employees’ experiences and easily allow managers to identify opportunities to act.

Grounded in data and people science
Unmatched benchmarks

Nearly 500 employee opinion benchmarks updated annually and a library of more than 800 questions deliver enormous flexibility.

Grounded in science

Breakthrough research on employee experience is the foundation of this platform. This is no empty software.

Evidence-based impact

Engage clients enjoy 83% average global response rates and significant improvements in employee experience scores and financial performance.

Employee experience insights and impact
Built for understanding

Continuous employee listening delivers louder, clearer and more actionable insights than ever before.

Built for employees

Employees aren’t customers, so Engage is built around them instead of retrofitting customer experience principles.

Built for action

Deliver the perspective leaders and managers need to enhance the employee experience and drive impact. action. change.

Content you can trust across the whole employee experience
Content you can trust across the whole employee experience
Engage comes equipped with a robust library of survey modules and templates on topics across the whole employee experience, so you can quickly get feedback from your employees.

Our users are at the heart of Engage

Engage delivers a fast, intuitive and smart employee listening experience for the many employee experience influencers including your workforce, HR teams, leaders and managers. We’ve spent thousands of hours developing our software with these important stakeholders in mind.

  1. Leaders

    Get immediate insights into what employees are thinking and how that impacts the performance of their organization.

  2. Managers

    See the unique strengths of their team’s employee experience with bespoke best practice suggestions to improve.

  3. Employees

    Get individual feedback with suggestions on how to help achieve their ambitions.

  4. HR

    Gets out of the logistics business and spends their time equipping leaders and managers with quick, actionable insights that drive impact. action. change.

  5. People Analytics

    Taps into Advanced Analytics for Engage to see predictive links between employee views and business performance and help helps make the right business decisions.

  6. IT

    Banks on the security and reliability of a world-class professional services organization.

Create a better future for your employees and your organization with Engage.

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