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Subsea power cables and the factors affecting interconnectors

September 20, 2023

A series of interviews featuring subsea cable stakeholders, where they share their insights and perspectives on the distinctive risk factors they encounter.


Subsea power cables interview series

Welcome to our Subsea Power Cables interview series, where we delve deep into the world of subsea cable connectivity and the factors affecting interconnectors. Join us for a compelling exploration as we sit down with esteemed subsea cable stakeholders in a series of insightful interviews. In each episode, our guests share their unique perspectives on the distinctive risk factors they encounter in the dynamic world of subsea cables.

Discover first-hand accounts of challenges and commentary from industry leaders as they open up about their experiences navigating the complexities of subsea cable projects.


Thomas Mallindine
Natural Resources Global Line of Business, WTW
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Global Renewable Energy Leader, Natural Resources

Nicki Tilney
Head of Construction, Power and Renewables, Asia

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