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Strategy and Distribution

Where to play? How to win? In a world of constant change, every insurer needs to be vigilant and agile, ready to fix, grow or transform their business to maintain a compelling answer to these questions.

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We offer analysis, experience, advice and execution support that addresses both enterprise-wide and functional business challenges, helping companies to remain relevant to customers and become more competitive and efficient in markets where customer engagement, distribution and cost parameters are in a state of flux.

How we can help

Our clients benefit from solutions ranging from large-scale and fundamental transformational change programs to highly-specific future business strategies. Crucially, our solutions are commercially robust, pragmatic and implementable. Examples of specific solutions we have delivered are:

  • Review, revision and quantification of overall group strategy
  • Market entry
  • Distribution strategy
  • Data strategy (including the use of third-party data)
  • The management of legacy books
  • Technology strategy
  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Operational efficiency
  • Financial and process transformation
Automation, AI and the future of insurance

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