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Sales Effectiveness and Rewards

WTW’s Sales Effectiveness and Rewards consultants have the expertise to help you develop sales talent management and reward strategies and programs that align with the unique needs of your business. Deployed across the globe and supported by innovative research, our hands-on expertise helps you develop and implement programs that drive sales force effectiveness.

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Your sales organization embodies your go-to-market strategy and is your company’s primary face to customers. Yet expertly managing, engaging and motivating essential sales, support and customer service functions is increasingly challenging. We work to develop strategies, and programs that drive sales force effectiveness, guided by deep expertise and competitive insights.

Through programs that optimize sales talent, we can help clarify and execute your company’s sales strategy. The Willis Towers Watson model for sales effectiveness includes:

  • Sales compensation: Determine the right rewards to engage and motivate your sales force. Strike the right balance between maximizing motivation and minimizing the risk of inappropriate sales. We are positioned to help you clearly understand your incentive plans’ strengths and weaknesses and to develop new and improved incentive plans and recognition programs.

  • Sales organization design and implementation: Find the optimal way to deploy the sales force. We work with you to define sales roles to ensure alignment with customer segment requirements.

  • Sales talent management: Help ensure you have the right salespeople, with the right skills, in the right roles with our customized job architecture and career frameworks. We assess the best roles for current and potential talent, help set competitive pay levels and support that talent by identifying critical skills needed for success.

We execute these services by gathering employee perspectives, and facilitating consensus among executives. We can help establish a program of communication and change that includes compensation governance.

Together we can unlock the potential of your sales force. Let's start now - contact us.

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Saville Assessment

Assess your sales talent throughout the hiring, onboarding and development processes with Wave Sales Reports.


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