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Aircraft Leasing Companies

Our specialist aircraft leasing practice within the aviation division is proud of its strong position within this sector. This has been achieved by challenging traditional insurance market placement methods and providing bespoke and unique professional services.

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Our strategic approach to your sector’s risk has been based on the following two complementary elements:

  • Contingent insurance programme design and implementation - Our depth of expertise has allowed us to pioneer new insurance coverage catering for evolving risks. This is underpinned by a proactive insurer negotiation and management approach that fosters new relationships and maximises results.
  • Professional client service - We recognise that speed of service and expertise is paramount. We pride ourselves on delivering this for all our clients, with the relationship also extending beyond the transaction. We use procedures and technology platforms that enhance your business and we have a tailored approach to the cover you require based on a true understanding of your underlying and contractual risk profile. Alongside the negotiation of your insurance programme, we are also able to provide expert assessment of your contractual obligations and lease agreements.

We take pride in the depth of relationships that we have with our clients and we constantly seek to raise the bar in our service and fulfilment of your needs.

How WTW delivers value: a leasing companies case study

  • Following an acquisition a leasing company re-evaluated its insurance and risk advisory requirements.
  • This review confirmed it had greater needs and an increased focus on insurance
  • This led to an RFP invitation to all major providers
  • The leasing company had identified that strategic marketing and additional advisory services were required
  • The WTW team delivered a bespoke offering based on our two complementary services
  • The committee made an unanimous decision
  • Such was the desire to partner with us, the leasing company immediately appointed us mid-term, rather than wait for renewal
CertiFly - A new certificate verification service that’s unique to the aviation industry.

Up until now, it’s been the responsibility of aircraft financiers and owners to check the insurance in place on their assets. Without a robust review process you might not be covered adequately and as a result could suffer both financial and reputational loss.

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