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IFRS 17: Understanding and Communicating the Results

July 17, 2023

The webinar focused on insights from our recent disclosures analysis, and outlined some of the common challenges insurers face with understanding and communicating results, and how to address them.
Insurance Consulting and Technology
IFRS 17 Solutions

Insurers are finally starting to report under IFRS 17 and as they begin to publish their Q1 reports, the implications of their disclosures, and the issues with being able to fully understand and clearly communicate the results, are starting to come into focus.

During the webinar, our IFRS 17 experts:

  • Provided insights from our recent disclosures analysis.
  • Outlined some of the most common challenges with understanding and communicating results and set out analyst views and our proposed solutions.
  • Demonstrated our new Financial Results Analyzer, which uses analytics, dashboards and drill-throughs to enable firms quickly to understand and explain their results.

Further information

If you have questions relating to any of the topics covered in the webinar, or any aspects of IFRS 17 implementation, please contact your usual WTW consultant or send us an email.

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