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Ongoing pension plan governance

In order to stay in control, both administratively and financially, it is important that your pension plan will be properly managed.

Once you’ve implemented the mandatory changes, you will want to stay in the driver’s seat when it comes to continuity and sustainability of your pension scheme. Our governance support ensures you remain in financial and administrative control, so you can stay focused on your core business.

Why ongoing pension plan governance?

  • Pension legislation will continuously change. You need to be aware of the changes, you want to know the impact and, you need to be compliant.
  • Your pension premium is invested, so you need to keep track on the investment performance. Is your provider outperforming or underperforming?
  • The market is in transition. You want to regularly benchmark your plan to know if you’re still in line with market practice.
  • You have a pension plan based on investment choices. Your employees need to be repeatedly informed about the characteristics of the plan and the choices they can make.
  • Your population will have ongoing administrative changes and mutations that you want to be in control of.
  • The black box of premium billing needs to be controlled to ensure you are invoiced correctly by the provider.

Our support

We offer our clients modularly based governance support at an ongoing basis. That way, you are ensured that you are in line with market practice and compliant with legislation.

If you would like to speak to our experts, or for more information, please complete the form on the right, or below, and a member of the team will contact you.

Pension reforms

Readiness Check Pension Reforms

Helping you to understand the financial impact and broader rewards consequences for your company, decide on the best way forward and determine what the best timing is to implement the necessary changes to your pension plan.

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