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Dutch pension reform for employers

To comply with the new Dutch pension legislation, adjustment of the pension scheme is necessary in all cases. Has your organisation started yet?

Act Now. By 1 October 2027, all pension schemes in the Netherlands must comply with new legislation.

The new pension legislation will enforce significant changes to the Dutch pension landscape. All companies will have to act on the following components:

  • All pension plans must be defined contribution going forward
  • For new hires, a plan with a flat rate contribution is mandatory
  • Survivor’s pension will have to change

Note: consent and potentially compensation is needed for all changes.

Employers with a pension scheme that is administered by an insurer or PPI have until 1 October 2027 to submit a transition plan to make their pension scheme compliant with the new pension legislation. 60% of our clients have indicated they aim to have everything in place well before that deadline. We have illustrated key priorities in the phased timeline below – time to get started!

Most organisations have started the change process and are in phase 1. Let us help you kick start your change process and make sure you get a clear understanding of the right path forward AND, the best timing for you. How can we do that? - by using our proven phased change model.

Phase 1: Getting ready

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We provide you with quantitative evidence to understand the financial impact and broader rewards consequences of the new pension legislation for your company. At the end of this phase, you will have a clear direction on the best way forward and determined key milestones for implementing changes to your pension scheme.

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Phase 2: Solution design

You have made an evidence based decision on a preferred solution in the first phase. Now is the right time to fine-tune this solution, to get ready to start the negotiations with your employee representatives and other internal stakeholders. We support you during these conversations and help you realise the most optimal solution. A selection process to find the pension provider that best suits your solution is included in this phase.

Pension solution design


Phase 3: Consent and communication

Consent from your employees is crucial. A balanced communication strategy is essential to get understanding and buy in. Our specialised pension communication team has the experience and skills to advise on the strategy that matches your organisation best.

Consent and pension communication


Phase 4: Ongoing governance

By now, you have successfully implemented your new pension solution. You will want to ensure that your bright new pension solution stays in line with market practice, global guidelines and governance principles. You want to stay in the driver’s seat when it comes to continuity and sustainability of your pension scheme. Our governance support ensures you remain in financial and administrative control while you stay focused on your core business.

Ongoing pension plan governance


If you would like to speak to our experts on any of the key steps above, or for more information, please complete the form on the right or below, and a member of the team will contact you.


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The pension reform is a reason for many companies to have another look at their pension scheme. Is your pension scheme in line with other organisations in your sector?

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