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Consent and pension communication

With the arrival of the new pension system in the Netherlands, a lot will change for employees. Therefore, a good communication strategy is important. But what does it take to give employees confidence in the transition?

In the prior phase (phase 2: solution design), you will have obtained consent from employee representatives, but in many cases, additional consent from individual employees needs to be sought as well. To make it easier to obtain this consent, it is important that employees understand the implications this will have on them. Transparency and a clear communication strategy helps achieve this. We can support you through employee presentations, preparing consent letters and other types of communication needs you have. Any objection to the change will be assessed by a judge, who will critically consider the clarity of your communication strategy towards your employees. Therefore, it is crucial this process is done correctly.

We offer different levels of communication support: from simple and effective, to dedicated support by our team of communication experts, who can assist you to design and implement a suitable communication approach, including strategic planning, drafting of written materials, design, and production of different media (including online portals) and guidance and advice to members, either face-to-face or via telephone helplines.

Communication, after all, is about behavioural change; from, in some cases, relatively carefree pension accrual to a pension with more risks and more personal responsibility. In guiding this change, we focus on the pain points, concerns and misconceptions about the new pension. More knowledge about how participants experience the process, and the change is therefore essential for a sound communication approach.

Our team are here to answer any queries. For more information on how we can support you on this journey, please complete the form on the right, or below on a mobile device.

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