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Global Retirement Management

Our Global Retirement Management (GRM) team helps multinational employers navigate the changing world of retirement.

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Our Global Retirement Management (GRM) solution supports the management of a multinational organization’s defined contribution (DC) and defined benefit (DB) retirement plans around the world.

Our methodology provides clients with a robust governance framework based on three core principles:

  • Understanding and balancing the needs of the headquarters (HQ) and local units
  • Addressing each specific company’s situation
  • Outsourcing support to fill gaps in the company’s resources or capabilities

We understand the challenge multinational employers face when managing retirement plans around the world. You may have different types of retirement plans across countries with varying sizes. And then there are local regulatory requirements and market practices to consider. Questions we often hear from our multinational clients include:

  • How much are we spending on retirement benefits?
  • How are risks associated with plan assets and liabilities being managed?
  • How are we ensuring that our retirement plans are compliant?
  • What do our employees think about the retirement plans we provide?
  • Will our employees have sufficient retirement funds to be able to retire?

Our team can help multinational employers like you answer these questions and ensure your retirement programs are optimally and coherently managed globally. 

Our framework helps multinational employers get more insight and structure in the following areas:

  • Strategy and design – what types of plans do we offer and are they compliant and competitive? Do they support our company values?
  • Financial management – what do our retirement benefits cost? What factors drive costs? How can we sustainably manage the costs and risks? How do we leverage our global scale?
  • Employee experience – what retirement plan designs and vehicles improve retirement readiness and financial wellbeing for employees? Which design features increase employee engagement?
  • Administration and operation – how can we gain efficiencies? How do we optimize our resources within our local/regional/global operating models?
  • Global oversight – how much governance is needed to be effective? How should we structure oversight roles and responsibilities?

Our Global Retirement Management solution can provide you with:

  • Improved visibility into compliance, risk management and local market trends and legislative developments
  • Robust global retirement strategy and HQ and local governance protocols
  • Greater clarity around decision making protocols and stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities, ensuring minimum required activities are undertaken
  • Optimized retirement plan management and operations
  • Better understanding of retirement plans’ detailed design, financing, employee experience, governance and monitoring
  • Responding quickly to outside events, for example M&A, cost control, and new regulations, as well as new board or management requests, such as environmental, social and governance (ESG) and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) issues


Bringing structure to a challenging situation

We developed the GRM framework to reflect our deep experience working with multinational companies to address their retirement plan needs around the world.

Based on these insights, we determine the activities required to manage plans optimally and build a consistent governance and operating framework locally and internationally. And we design local services and solutions to meet clients’ specific needs.

Our global and local retirement experts support the required activities and operate as a single global team. Global coordination of local teams enables us to effectively implement the framework across all locations, ensuring consistency.

Technology: meeting all your retirement needs

Our Global Retirement Management solution offers clients many integrated technology tools to manage retirement plans including:

  • Benefits Insights, a hub for global retirement information and tools and integration with Global Benefits Management activities
  • Retirement Dashboards, a summary of global data on DC and DB plan costs, assets and other metrics
  • FAStrack and Channel, disclosure and financial monitoring tools for DB plans
  • Benefits Data Source, a solution for retirement plan design market data
  • Embark, a solution for employee communication, engagement, and financial resilience
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