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Alternative Credit Solutions

A solution that combines well researched specialist credit ideas, liquid and illiquid, delivering equity-like returns, with significantly reduced volatility.

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Challenges you face

No industry-wide, single definition of universal benchmark

Alternative credit appears complex and is under-researched

Credit is an ever-evolving asset class, but portfolios are anchored to corporate risk only

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Solutions that count

Access the full alternative credit universe

Diversify widely; through geography, place in the capital structure, type of collateral and borrower

Invest in high conviction ideas through specialists, not broad multi-strategy products

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Meeting your needs

Find niches, avoid crowds


Robust lending standards


Dynamically managed diversified portfolio of credit specialists

= Access to the full range of best in class alternative credit ideas

Our differentiated approach:

  1. 01

    Specialist execution

    There is no one fund manager that knows and understands the creditworthiness of African governments, U.S. consumers, Asian corporates and European banks. We seek to identify specialist credit managers, enabling access to an unrivalled breadth of investment opportunities from an extensive range of borrowers.

  2. 02

    Ideas and innovation

    The global banking system has changed beyond all recognition in the past decade and is constantly evolving. Our dedicated credit manager research team of over 30 stay on top of this evolution to allow investors to tap into under-researched, less efficient and more profitable opportunities.

  3. 03

    Value for money

    Using leverage, scale and first mover advantage by seeding newly created, bespoke vehicles, we offer our investors true alternative credit diversification at the right price.

  4. 04

    Time and expertise

    We lend your money to government, corporates and individuals around the world at all points of the capital structure – our scale and expertise allow us to determine ongoing relative value between all strategies within the alternative credit universe to improve your chances of success.

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