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Secure Income Asset Solutions

Secure income assets are income-generating real asset investments that offer attractive liability-matching characteristics, and help you compete for traditional (and increasingly scarce) inflation-linked assets such as inflation-linked gilts.

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Challenges you face

The challenge for competition for scarce inflation-linked assets

Capacity for secured income assets is limited

Governance challenges associated with building robust and diversified portfolios

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Solutions that count

Identify and instigate innovative investment ideas across the Secure Income Assets spectrum

Build a diversified portfolio with a focus on sustainability to increase the robustness of your portfolio

Use scale, brand and influence to negotiate attractive fees

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Meeting your needs

Strong assets that embed sustainable investment managed by high conviction managers


Broad levels of diversity


Get “money-in-the ground” quickly

= Portfolio best placed to help Defined Benefit schemes to meet their mission: provide income to members

Our differentiated approach:

  1. 01

    Specialist execution

    Our focus is on finding the best available opportunities that deliver desired cash-flow profiles and the opportunity to diversify and invest quickly. Once we know where we want to invest, we identify specialist managers — the best at sourcing and managing attractive assets that our clients need.

  2. 02

    Ideas and innovation

    While secure income assets are rapidly increasing in popularity, it is a relatively new area of the market where the opportunity set is evolving rapidly. Investors that can work with an early entrant and innovator in this area have the chance to access the widest range of opportunities. This broad range increases the chance for improved returns and greater diversification opportunities.

  3. 03

    Value for money

    Our strong network, scale and established reputation allow us to engage with investment managers when new investment ideas first surface. We then work with them to structure their offering, improve investor protections and terms and negotiate fee discounts for our clients. In this way, we are able to create a product that not only seeks to generate higher potential returns from superior asset identification and execution, but also reflects value for money from a fee perspective.

  4. 04

    Time and expertise

    A strong local presence is needed to find and identify high-quality secure income asset investments ─ people with boots on the ground that understand the landscape and build long-term relationships with managers opening up access to limited opportunities. However, once found, these assets need to be combined in a way that builds a portfolio that helps a defined benefit scheme pay member benefits. Our secure income team has sourced and found secure income asset investments for over a decade, complementing our portfolio management and other capabilities.


Please note that the Sub-Fund (SIF) only promotes a net zero environmental characteristic per its SFDR Article 8 designation. The projects and associated benefits described within are unrelated to the net zero characteristic being promoted under SFDR Article 8 and strictly relate to the way we manage and integrate sustainability risks as part of our overall investment decision making process.

In this regard, as part of our risk management and policy framework on managing sustainability risks across all our Sub-Funds, we integrate ESG factors into our investment decision making process and considerations. We believe that the positive impacts from integrating ESG into investment considerations both benefit broader stakeholders and drive longer term value creation across the portfolio.

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