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Directors' all risk cover (DARCstar) is a groundbreaking approach to Directors’ and Officers’ liability, designed to simplify and improve the protection available to directors and officers.

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DARCstar is a Directors and Officers liability insurance wording policy designed to to simplify and improve protection.

Principles of the DARCstar concept

  1. 01

    A single insuring clause covering directors regardless of whether loss is indemnifiable by the company

  2. 02

    Focused and comprehensive cover for investigations

  3. 03

    It confronts the paradox that more complex terms often do not deliver better cover

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    Exclusive to WTW

Features and Benefits

List of DARCstar Features and Benefits
Features Benefits
One insuring clause Instead of the conventional twin insuring clause approach, with indemnification being the barrier between the two, there is a single insuring clause providing direct access for the directors to insurers
D&O cover on an ‘all risks’ basis Rather than an insured perils/affirmative cover approach, the assumption is that the risk is covered unless excluded
Waiver of right of subrogation by insurer against policyholder and subsidiary in all circumstances A commitment from the insurers that they will not seek recovery from the policyholder for indemnifiable loss
Nil deductibles No compulsory deductibles or retentions as standard other than with respect to securities claims
Clear triggers for investigation costs cover across a broad spectrum of external and internal investigations and enquiries Legal costs protection tailored to the needs of directors and officers
Simple and transparent claims handling provisions Greater certainty for directors in the coverage and claims handling process
A policy that is easy to understand Clear, simple and concise terms

If you would like to find out more download our brochure or contact one of the team.

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