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Cyber Security Awareness Month: A smarter way to combat cyber risk

Cyber Incident Response Planning and Cybersecurity Controls for Insurability

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October marks Cyber Security Awareness Month, and there's no better time to ensure your organisation is secure and resilient. WTW is committed to empowering businesses with the tools and knowledge they need to safeguard against cyber risks effectively. This year, we’re focusing on Cyber Incident Response Planning under the banner “A smarter way to combat cyber risk.”

A renewed focus on cyber incident response

Glyn Thoms on a smarter way to combat your cyber risk #BeReadyBeResilient

Why focus on Cyber Incident Response Planning?

In today’s digital age, a cyber incident isn't a matter of 'if', but 'when'. Proactive planning can mean the difference between a manageable incident and a full-blown crisis.

Measure your readiness with CCIA

Interested in gauging your cybersecurity controls and insurability? Consider our Cyber Controls and Insurability Assessment (CCIA), a tailored solution designed to evaluate your current cybersecurity posture.

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Cyber Controls and Insurability Assessment (CCIA) PDF .1 MB

What we offer this month

Engaging blog series

  1. 01

    Cyber Security Awareness - Blog series

  2. 02

    Navigating AI risks in Professional Liability

  3. 03

    The role of cyber insurance in the era of third-party systems dependency

  4. 04

    Cyber Market Updates – A Global Perspective

  5. 05

    De-mystifying Insurance – Crime and cyber policies for Financial Institutions (FIs)

  6. 06

    War exclusions in cyber policies: the important details

  7. 07

    The rising risk of cyber threats

Podcast spotlight

  • Hear from WTW’s cyber experts discussing real-life cyber incident response scenarios.
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Partnerships for expertise

  • We bring insights and expertise from a range of with other expert organisations such as NEDA, PWC, CISI, Lord Mayors Dept.

Educational bitesize sessions

Session 1: Navigating Cyber Incident Response: From Detection to Recovery

Session 2: Building Blocks of Effective Cyber Incident Response Planning

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