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Virtual Focus Groups

Combine the reach of a survey with the richness of an employee focus group, online, and real-time, AI-powered analytics. Dig deeper into issues highlighted in surveys. Discover what’s top of mind for your people. Crowdsource to generate ideas or get feedback.

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The next generation of employee focus groups

While it's common for organizations to have a listening strategy that includes regularly surveying employees, there's something new making it easier than ever to get an in-depth, immediate understanding of the issues behind survey results: virtual focus groups.

Virtual moderator leads the discussion

Moderated by a WTW consultant, as an independent third party, the conversation has a clear objective and the moderator drives the conversation asking questions, polling and sharing media. Participants respond to questions in a familiar and easy to use web chat environment. Sessions can be conducted in multiple languages.

AI-powered insights at your fingertips

As participants provide feedback, AI is used to analyze the responses in real time to uncover the underlying themes and segment the comments by key demographic groups. The moderator can view the analytics live, and change their line of questioning, depending on how your people respond. By the end of the session, rich insights are uncovered, new ideas generated, and critical employee segments understood.

Powerful employee experience

Participants feel energized, and often go on to become natural change agents for the topic discussed. The process is more democratic too, removing biases created by individuals who tend to hog the conversation. With a virtual focus group, everyone has an equal voice. Clients value the insights, and employees love the experience.

More cost-effective and efficient than in-person focus groups

Save yourself the time and cost of travelling, getting everyone together in a room (multiple times), transcribing and making sense of all those notes.

For us, it's part of making the shift from an employee listening strategy to an insight strategy. If you're looking for new ways to add depth to your employee insights, virtual focus groups could be it.

Unleash the power of WTW's software, data and advisory services to deliver a world-class employee survey and insight program. Come explore the WTW difference.

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