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Corporate Risk Tools and Technology

Our risk analytics tools deliver the insights you need to understand your risks and make data-driven decisions for your risk financing and business resiliency investment needs.

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Translate data into action

This suite of tools will transform the way you measure and manage risk, empowering the risk function to optimize risk transfer while influencing corporate risk strategy. Our technology platform and actuarial expertise deliver enhanced risk advisory services that better address your unique needs.

These core analytic offerings are designed in a modular fashion, establishing the building blocks of an analytically based risk financing strategy and allowing you to focus analytical resources on matters of greatest concern.

Empower the Risk Function

Our core offerings support two major disciplines of risk management and mitigation:

  • Risk Diagnostics: Support loss mitigation investments by identifying vulnerabilities
  • Risk Finance: Empower ROI decisions though quantification of risk and evaluation of risk transfer strategies

Risk managers today face an increasingly complex risk landscape. Our core analytic offerings will simplify your risk management tasks and provide the information you need to succeed. These quantitative and diagnostic analytics will change the way you look at risk, empowering risk managers to optimize risk transfer mechanisms and influence corporate strategy.

We offer a suite of products and services that strengthen your risk management program:

Potent risk strategy

Our platform helps you look beyond risk silos to create the most effective risk finance strategies. When you combine our predictive models with a detailed view of your financial priorities, your business will gain the strategic thinking and tactical plans necessary to connect your risk decisions to corporate financial strategy.

Captive Quantified

Evaluates the practicality and effectiveness of various risk retention strategies within a captive. It is powered by our risk quantification models providing decision support for domicile selection as well as dynamics around financials and retained coverages.

Connected Risk Intelligence

Redefine your risk finance strategy with a decision-making software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform that helps improve risk finance decisions and maximizes value.

Dynamic TCOR

Presents a holistic diagnostic and scorecard of your current set of risk transfer purchases. It promotes a budgetary view of risk, showing you the effectiveness of the current structure under various loss scenarios and a concise view of your total cost of insurable risk (TCOR) across all classes of insurance.

Risk Tolerance Clarified

Aligns financial priorities across an organization, empowering you to define an integrated risk tolerance statement using a collaborative financial analysis tool.

ESG Clarified

Provides the perspective you need to understand environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks, unlock opportunities and stay ahead in a continuously changing landscape.

Robust quantitative analytics

Predictive analytics that bring risk transparency and measurement of various risk transfer options. These tools create actionable financial outputs and support improved collaboration among the risk management, finance functions and senior management.

Climate Quantified

Enhance your response to climate risks, while meeting disclosure requirements, by quantifying the physical and transition climate risks across your assets and commodities. Build your own business scenarios with tailored climate risk analytics and reports to understand where to take strategic action.

Cyber Quantified

Evaluates your cyber loss potential and the effectiveness of various risk transfer strategies. Our modeling framework supports customization of loss scenarios, effected business processes and cyber defense mechanisms.

D&O Quantified

Assesses your public directors’ and officers’ (D&O) liability loss potential with sophisticated predictive modeling, helping you protect your board in a cost-effective manner.

Employment Practices Quantified

Evaluate employment practices, wage and hour and private/nonprofit D&O risk and the effectiveness of any combination of risk transfer strategies.

Collateral Quantified

Provides you an actuarially sound assessment of your total collateral requirement, providing transparency and improved accuracy.

Dynamic Casualty Forecast

Generates data-driven recommendations around risk retention and risk transfer for your organization's casualty program. Risks include workers’ compensation, general liability, auto liability and employers’ liability.

Property Quantified

Provides loss analysis by peril and location worldwide, giving you insight into your global property risk and empowers risk transfer strategy and insurance market placement.

Powerful risk diagnostics

Our risk diagnostics suite of tools support loss mitigation investments by identifying vulnerabilities. They empirically and objectively analyze the risks and inefficiencies that drive your loss potential and provide valuable insight from benchmarking.

Peer Analytics

Helps you shape your risk management strategies by going beyond simple comparisons and thoughtfully combining qualitative broking data with our robust actuarial and financial metrics.

Global Peril Diagnostic

Promotes resiliency by evaluating your property portfolio and supply chain to assess natural catastrophe exposure, terrorism, civil unrest and war risk. Live event tracking provides real-time information for risk mitigation activities.

Workers Compensation Diagnostic

Assesses the efficiency of your claims handling and evaluates claims solutions such as return-to-work programs, ergonomics and claim closure.

Climate Diagnostic

Empowers long-term business strategy for the physical risk impacts of climate change. Dynamic global visualization of chronic and acute risks supports investment and business transition strategies.

Why WTW?

Our risk analytics platforms will help you connect data to identify insights and foresights to improve the management of your risk portfolios. The result is smarter risk decisions, aligned with your organization’s strategic and financial goals and a better match of risk to capital.

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