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Employee Experience in M&A

How leaders and their organizations show up for employees during and after a merger or acquisition, a period of intense change, has a direct impact on the employee experience.

When an organization’s efforts fall short, retention rates, employee productivity and the overall success of the deal suffer.

We can help you develop and sustain a superior employee experience throughout the transaction period, and beyond.

To ignore people issues in a transaction is to ignore core business issues.”

Amanda Scott | Global M&A leader, WTW

M&A experts strive to create the best possible employee experiences during transactions

To achieve this, they:

  • Define the elements of employee experience most relevant to their specific transaction to create clarity, focus and positive impact
  • Focus on the human side of deals to reduce the risk of an ‘integration culture clash’ and to bring employees on the journey with you
  • Deploy a fully integrated change management strategy, plan and tools to help minimize people risks and optimize the employee experience

Successful transactions have an early and intense focus on people

We know this both by experience and through our own research. We are ready to work with you throughout your deal-making journey to improve the employee experience and achieve the desired outcomes of your transaction. Get in touch.


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