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Infographic: Employers look to go further with their employee benefits

Highlights from the 2021/2022 Benefit Trends Survey — Asia Pacific

October 6, 2021

Complex pressures are compelling Asia Pacific employers to evolve their approach to benefits, all while keeping their finger on the pulse of employee health and wellbeing.
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Infographic: Employers look to go further with their employee benefits


Technology and customisation drive Asia Pacific benefit trends

Highlights from the 2021/2022 Benefit Trends Survey — Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific employers are getting more strategic around benefits

  • 72% of employers plan to customise their benefits strategy in the next two years, compared to 24% today

Wellbeing, flexibility and technology are the top strategic benefits objectives for employers

  • Focus on integrating wellbeing into the benefits package: 65%
  • Increase flexibility and choice: 52%
  • Enhance tools and technology to support employees when choosing and using benefits: 45%

Decision-making becomes more complex as employers are pulled in different directions

#1 Tight labour markets (57%)
#2 Increased focus on inclusion and diversity (53%)
#3 Increased remote working (50%)
#4 Advances in technology for benefits (47%)
#5 Increased costs (44%)

Diversity, equity and inclusion top the list of influences globally.

The percentages above comprise those who said these were external influences to a great or very great extent.

Asia Pacific employers measure improvements in wellbeing as the most critical benefits outcome

  • 56%: Improved employee wellbeing (physically thriving, emotionally balanced, socially connected and financially secure)
  • 51%: Improved employee experience (engagement with employees, how they use their benefits)
  • 43%: Effectively managed costs and risks of benefits programmes

Key considerations for employers

  • Adopt a digital strategy
    75% of employers plan to have an enhanced digital strategy in the next two years. Don’t get left behind—take action now and adjust as needed.
  • Innovate
    Wellbeing, inclusion and diversity—benefits are becoming broader and more inclusive. What does that mean for your organisation?
  • Listen and communicate
    Stress and the impact of remote working are taking a toll on your workforce. With a listening strategy, you can be more confident that your programs are making the intended impact on your employees.

About the survey: Asia Pacific findings are based on responses from a total of 1,247 employers representing 3 million employees in the region. The survey was conducted between May 10 and June 25, 2021.

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