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Today’s risks deserve thoughtfully disruptive solutions and services. We strongly believe that our clients should not have to make do with a one-size-fits-all approach, so our strategy builds solutions around you, providing products and services to address your industry-specific risks.

Managing risk requires flexibility and dynamism

Maximizing your organization’s potential starts with gaining a 360-degree industry view of risk. With WTW, you’ll achieve an integrated perspective with the help of our advisory services, technology solutions, analytical and modelling capabilities, as well as unrestricted access to the global insurance market.

Together, we’ll ensure your organization matches risk and capital based on your unique needs and goals. Informed by decades of experience, we’ll apply our deep and broad understanding of risk to provide you with actionable insights and market-leading transfer and mitigation solutions for all your risk challenges.

WTW strategy at a glance

Specialization has the power to make your risk spend work harder, better protect your interests, and allow you to do more of it. We’ve interwoven specialization throughout our strategy, setting out how we’re going to leverage its enormous potential and ultimately its value to you.

Central to our strategy is our commitment to combining data from our digitized platforms with our modelling capabilities. Helping you to understand, mitigate, or transfer risk and help us align your risk with innovative solutions.

Too many clients face overly generic products and services that create uncertainty and inefficiency because they are not industry specific. A focus on specialization combined with our data and analytical modelling capabilities enables us to create products and services that meet your needs.

We aim to streamline the insurance value chain that clients need to traverse to access risk capital. With more data, sophisticated risk modelling and better insights we can offer greater certainty on our clients’ portfolio performance which in turn allows us to create more specific and efficient capital solutions.

The ultimate outcome of our strategy is to manage clients’ risk most effectively and efficiently. Through our focus on specialization combined with our commitments to accelerating our digital and data capabilities, closing insurance gaps, and bringing risk and capital closer together, help us to deliver optimized outcomes for our clients.


Climate Quantified

Discover a smarter way to measure climate risk with comprehensive and precise physical and transition climate risk quantification that translates climate risk into financial impact.

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