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About Us

Inclusion and Diversity in Action

While an exhaustive account of all we do to support I&D would be impossible, below we showcase a few notable examples.

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Our commitment to inclusion and diversity (I&D) comes to life every day in everything we do because I&D is principal to our values, embedded in who we are as WTW.

Global and regional I&D councils

Comprising representatives from our geographies, businesses, functions and leadership team, our global and regional I&D councils establish and set our I&D imperatives. The councils define our areas of focus and prioritize efforts based on those that will have greatest impact and advance our strategy. These councils have the support of those at the highest levels of our organization, including CEO Carl Hess and Chief Human Resources Officer Kristy Banas, who co-sponsor our global I&D council.

Our inclusion networks

Our inclusion networks have been formed to better support groups that have been historically or systematically underrepresented in the workplace. They support, partner with, and co-create with our regional and global I&D councils to help us better connect with each other and foster a more inclusive culture. They are essential to our efforts to recruit, retain and develop underrepresented talent.

Each inclusion network has two executive sponsors — either at a global and/or local level — who advocate for and advance the mission of the network.

Caregivers supports colleagues with caring responsibilities, highlights the impact of caring, and emphasizes the challenges and the contributions caregivers make to families and communities (U.K. network).

Gender Equity focuses on the career development and advancement of women and supports company efforts to make progress towards our aspirational goals.

LGBT+ engages colleagues from across the diverse spectrums of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Multicultural embraces cultural diversity and educates on differences in race, ethnicity, religion, language and culture. In the U.S., we also have a Black Colleague Connection for our Black and African American colleagues and allies.

Veterans supports Veterans and the Military Community in the workplace (U.S. network).

Workability aims to increase understanding of disability, wellbeing and health-related matters at work.

Early Career Professionals creates a community of connected, engaged, well-informed and career-confident early career professionals.

Throughout the year, our networks host inspirational and educational events to raise awareness, promote our global diversity calendar and celebrate locally important days.

How we're advancing I&D

At WTW, attracting, hiring and retaining diverse talent is key to our success. We continue to build partnerships that increase WTW’s gender, LGBT+, disability, and racial and ethnic minorities diversity. Key partners include:

  • Where Women Work
  • MyGwork
  • The Posse Foundation
  • The National African American Insurance Association

Our approach

We recognize that individual needs around racial diversity, equity and inclusion are as varied as the numerous cultures and countries we work in worldwide. Our geography leadership teams and I&D councils partner to identify and set our priorities locally. Over the years we’ve expanded our partnerships to reach more potential candidates and support colleague in-person events.

We partner with external organizations that help progress our work including The Valuable 500, a global movement advocating for private sector disability inclusion. Our membership defines our commitments to disability and guides our journey, along with input from our Workability Inclusion Network.

WTW has long been an advocate and champion of LGBT+ inclusion in our workplace, and we support our LGBT+ community across our workforce.

  • We are a member of Stonewall’s Diversity Champions program, Great Britain’s leading best-practice employers’ forum for sexual orientation and gender identity equality.
  • In the U.S., we work with Out & Equal, a national organization focused on creating a culture of belonging for all through LGBT+ workplace equality.
Inclusive culture at WTW Manila — Mia Añonuevo

Mia Clara Añonuevo, data analyst at WTW, shares her experience of how we are committed to providing equal opportunities to all.

For more information on how we’re actioning inclusion and diversity at WTW, review our annual Sustainability Report.

Pronouns matter

We support the fair treatment and reward of everyone, irrespective of gender identity. We understand that gender isn’t binary (male and female), and pronouns are a vital part of having your identity recognized and respected, particularly for trans and nonbinary people.

Read our full Pronoun policy.

Life at WTW

Burn Domingo (He/Him)
Associate, Health & Benefits
“I started my career at WTW in June 2019 and since joining I have been overwhelmed by the amazing working environment and inclusivity at WTW.”
Read more of Burn’s story on our careers site.

Donna O’Riordan (She/Her)
Associate Director, Talent Acquisition
“I feel valued at WTW and know, with the support of the company, I can still have a successful career while also leading a fulfilling life as a parent.”
Read more of Donna’s story on our careers site.

Matice Morris (She/Her)
Senior Associate, Retirement
“I’m part of a company that cares, puts action behind their words, and has integrity. Those three words describe me as well, so I’m right at home.”
Read more of Matice’s story on our careers site.

Soumya Kurup (She/Her)
Director, Technology Program Management
“I consider myself fortunate to work for an organization that has such a great culture, and this has helped me broaden my thought process.”
Read more of Soumya’s story on our careers site.

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