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We have the pay data you need to attract and retain the best talent

The best pay programs rely on the best survey data

The world has changed and so have expectations around how and why organizations pay employees the way they do. With stakeholders, current and potential employees, regulators and the general public have put pay programs – and the HR and compensation professionals who design them – in the hotseat.

Pay and employee benefits data from WTW delivers the insights you need to:

Deliver fair pay

As new fair-pay rules emerge around the world, regulators and employees are demanding a new level of transparency – and investors want reassurances.

Keep up with industry trends

Finding and keeping the right talent at every level in your organization, which your industry peers also want, requires the right intelligence.

Boost your employee experience

The right data gives you the insights you need to deliver a sound, defensible and fair pay program that supports a positive employee experience.

Establish and reinforce your reputation as an employer of choice

Reliable, objective pay data ensures your pay programs are viewed in the best light by both existing and future employees.


Get the salary survey data you need to attract and retain the best talent

Ordering your pay survey data has never been easier

How to order your global survey data

Supporting market-leading pay programs is our mission

WTW’s Rewards Data Intelligence team has provided reliable, relevant and timely salary survey data for more than 70 years, helping employers of all sizes determine optimal pay levels and employee benefits for a talent pool that stretches sectors, continents and regions.

A powerful combination of market-leading salary survey data, enterprise-strength technology and industry expertise is at the core of everything you need to get compensation strategies and programs right in your organization.

Working with WTW is undoubtedly an excellent experience. We are easily able to keep informed of changing practices and market movements and see what we can apply to GDM Seeds to remain competitive. It gives us peace of mind that we are being fair to employees when comparing to the market.”

Demission Davi Borges | Global Human Resources Manager, GDM Seeds

Companies worldwide trust our salary data

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Fubon Hyundai Life
Tom Tom

“I have partnered with WTW for more than 20 years and the team has always been very professional and collaborative. With WTW as our partner, we know we’re receiving the best market information available.”

Esteban Gimenez | Head of Compensation, Fleni

“We’ve worked trustfully and reliably with WTW as our global data provider for many years now. Reliable market data worldwide supports our salary decisions, and we can consistently rely on the expertise and responsiveness of our Account Manager at any time.”

Miriam Schmidt-Hoffstadt | Compensation Manager, Deutsche Telekom

“Knowing we have the full support of a tenured Willis Towers Watson team who have their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in the market guiding our compensation and design structure provides us with great peace of mind.”

Andres Jose Cortina | Commerce and Operations People Senior Director, Mercado Libre

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