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Aerospace Risk Management Services

Aerospace Risk Management Services (ARMS) is a unique, market-leading team, created to provide differentiating services for clients within the Aerospace industry.

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ARMS Contractual

On the appointment of a maintenance provider to urgently provide maintenance on a grounded aircraft

When the airline customer is required contractually to assume risks, how do they assess whether these are usual practice for agreements of this nature? Do they have the (re)insurance coverage to assume such risks? Get this wrong and you expose your policy and limit your future subrogation rights ultimately impacting your balance sheet. ARMS Contractual is here to help.

ARMS Advisory

On the delivery of a new aircraft

Are the aircraft lessor or financing parties satisfied that their asset / loan is adequately protected by means of a single document – the certificate of (re)insurance, is a question that all lessors and finance parties should ask and one that ARMS Advisory is here to assist in answering.

How do we manage any conflicts of interest?

ARMS Advisory is purposely ring-fenced to ensure its independent status from the WTW broking practice. All information provided to ARMS Advisory is strictly confidential and not available to any other part of the WTW group. This enables independence, yet full interaction with broking teams, resulting in a strong link to relevant market intelligence.

The ARMS team are not brokers, but technical, contractual and advisory specialists with many years of insurance and legal expertise, with the ultimate aim of protecting your balance sheet.

Whether WTW place insurance for an Aerospace client or not, ARMS offers both contractual and advisory services, tailored to individual client needs.

After several decades of building our team’s expertise, we fully understand the commercial pressures that our clients face in their operations, working closely with both airlines and lessors. This experience enables the team to build innovative solutions to meet the growing needs of your operations. One such example is CertiFly - a software solution providing certificate verification that’s unique to the aviation industry.

From an insurance perspective, we see ourselves as a partner that should seamlessly slot into any transaction to facilitate the smooth running of our client’s operations. This is never more evident than our involvement in the commercial transactions entered into by our clients.

Often seen by some as a minor part of any commercial transaction, the insurance requirements in any agreement or the certificates of (re)insurance provided in relation to the same, are integral to any successful transaction.

CertiFly - A new certificate verification service that’s unique to the aviation industry.

Up until now, it’s been the responsibility of aircraft financiers and owners to check the insurance in place on their assets. Without a robust review process you might not be covered adequately and as a result could suffer both financial and reputational loss.

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