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Igloo offers P&C insurers of all sizes the analytic power and flexibility to harness the value of capital and broader risk models, helping them to better understand their risks and resulting capital needs.

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The power behind modelling

After nearly 20 years of constant development, Igloo is the common language of risk and capital modelling. As the market has moved, so has Igloo and the consulting support behind it. Igloo has more than 1,000 users in over 150 different companies.

Industry-leading risk analytics modelling platform. Understand your risks and resulting capital needs.

Igloo is our comprehensive risk analytics modelling platform, offering multiple configurations to suit an insurer’s specific needs. Pre-built models, cloud-based processing, and automated data and process flows are just some of the options available to enable you to fully exploit the universal speed and ease of use of Igloo to:

  • Analyze your portfolio mix and growth plans for profitability along with risk and capital efficiency
  • Estimate your capital needs, project future capital requirements and establish capital management plans 
  • Understand and control the level of business risk with levers such as reinsurance or risk exposure limits
  • Support regulatory requirements and rating agency work.

Unrivalled capabilities

Reasons insurers choose the Igloo platform include:

  1. Flexibility and usability

    With ultra-customizable pre-built models, users can tailor the model to fit the business through configuration rather than coding. Or build your own models from scratch in a rich development environment.

  2. Responsiveness

    It enables users to quickly test out business opportunities, and update models rapidly as events unfold.

  3. Detailed insights

    Off-the-shelf analytics and customisable reporting give the insights to enhance understanding of risk and gain competitive advantage.

  4. Governance and transparency

    It provides the governance and audit trails companies require (e.g. for regulatory compliance) and also gives full access to examine calculations in detail.

  5. Applies the power of modern hardware

    Use your own hardware or scale out in the cloud.

Igloo platform components

Igloo offers multiple configurations to meet your specific needs and budget. Igloo platform components include:

  • Igloo Capital Model (ICM) - A pre-built, highly-flexible model, with a powerful user interface (Igloo Manager).
  • Igloo Desktop - A development environment to build capital models.
  • Igloo Cloud - Supercomputing power to scale out and run models rapidly.
  • Igloo Unify - To automate the full end-to-end capital modelling workflow.

Risk modelling: a strategic asset

Whether you are a global company looking to create and use risk and capital models worldwide or a smaller operation that wants the benefits of models without impractical time and staffing commitments, Igloo offers the flexibility and control to meet your business needs.

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