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Claims services

Willis Towers Watson enables the efficient control and management of claims by involving our dedicated construction claims team right from the start of our appointment, whether for consultancy or insurance broking services.

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Our claims management experts are an integral part of our client servicing team, playing an active role in drafting and interpreting policy wordings, setting up claims procedures according to individual client requirements and negotiating with insurers.

A coordinated approach helps ensure that when a claim event does occur all parties are in a state of readiness, knowing whom to contact and what steps to take. Early involvement of the claims team facilitates efficient loss notification and adjustment, leading to prompt and fair settlement of claims. This in turn helps to minimize any delays in project completion and the adverse financial consequences these may bring. The standard insurance broking service involves the claims team liaising with our clients/insureds and the adjusters/insurers to progress submission and then settlement of claims.

Claims Consultancy and Advocacy

Where large or complex claims occur on a Willis Towers Watson placement the policy will allow for the instruction of our team to provide a specialist claims advocacy service to you. This support being wider than the standard broking service for clients in circumstances where a particular claim merits extremely close liaison with the parties involved. Working with the professional team of the client, attending site and required meetings with that team such as contract administrators, programmers, quantity surveyors and engineering, to assist in the submission of the amount and rationale of the claim to adjusters and the experts appointed by insurers. Additional expert resource such as forensic accountancy colleagues can also be brought into the team as required if wider preparation of the claim is needed. We can also offer a similar sort of service for large or complex claims where Willis Towers Waston has not been involved with the placement and would be happy to offer a proposed cost for such service on request.

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