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Insurance Consulting and Technology

The Middle East insurance market continues to appreciate value added actuarial and financial services. WTW are helping more clients with practical actuarial, technology and business solutions that respect regional market trends and best practice, but which harness our global experience in topics such as price optimisation, IFRS17 and AA roles.

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Whether it’s delivering IFRS17 reporting in a sensible, pragmatic way, helping clients tap into greater pricing and reserving sophistication for competitive advantage, or addressing the growing regional focus on ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) issues, our aim is not just to help Middle East insurers achieve, for example, a tick in a regulatory or auditing box, but to ensure you get maximum business value at the same time.

Our many years of working with insurers in the region means we understand the local market nuances, such as the importance of an insurer’s standing with credit rating agencies in capital management. Ways in which we are providing informed, practical support to clients across the Middle East include:

  • Interpreting the standard’s requirements and helping you to identify the gaps in your ability to respond, be they related to data, systems, processes, or people.
  • Helping insurers to not only meet the implementation deadline but prepare to manage IFRS 17 reporting as part of business as usual.
  • Assisting with key IFRS 17 calculations, such as the complexities of the contract service margin.
  • Helping insurers adapt to the rise of price comparison websites in the region.
  • Applying lessons learned in the UK about competitive pricing, such as increased volumes versus price adequacy.
  • Using reserving as a business planning tool.
  • Understanding and delivering required regulatory returns.
  • Using actuarial insights to inform strategic decisions.
  • Improving actuarial processes.
  • Reacting to, and planning for, the growing international and regional regulatory focus on ESG issues.
  • Identifying and mitigating physical, liability and transition risks associated with climate change.
  • Adapting investment strategy.
  • Building awareness of the Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) framework.

Combining this regional experience with our knowledge of what has worked to overcome similar challenges in international markets, we work with Middle East insurers to provide the strong actuarial, analytical, reporting and governance foundations for their future ambitions in a fast-moving market.

  1. Risk and Capital Management

    Together, our consulting expertise and market-leading financial and capital modeling software offer clients seamless, compelling and practical solutions to meet regulatory requirements and improve business performance.

  2. Strategy and Growth

    We provide targeted consulting and technology solutions that address both enterprise-wide and functional insurance challenges, to help clients to fix, grow or transform their businesses. Crucially, our solutions are commercially robust, pragmatic and flexible.

  3. Technology

    WTW's technology team and insurance consultants work together seamlessly to help clients maximize the benefits of solutions that combine our leading-edge thinking with the latest technology.

  4. Operational Effectiveness and Profitability

    Working across the insurance value chain, we apply proven techniques and technologies to help clients transform and streamline operational processes. We maximize returns by reducing costs, supporting revenue growth and releasing trapped capital.

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