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Global News Briefs

A focus on headquarters and multi-country research and thought leadership in benefits and total rewards. Covering the latest thinking on issues vital to the success of your organization and your people, such as retirement, benefits management, diversity, wellbeing and financial resilience, and more. With a curated selection of related legislative changes in individual countries and legislatures.

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Featured articles this month

  1. Making your workplace friendly to neurodivergent employees

    You might be underestimating how many of your employees are neurodivergent and how much they can increase organizational sustainability and innovation.

  2. The Captive User Group

    Are you considering the value a captive can add to your organisation? Talk to us today.

  3. Reshaping performance management and pay for performance in a challenging environment

    Our global findings highlight the performance management and pay-for-performance practices of high-effective organizations and uncover improvement opportunities for others.

  4. Deadline nearing for employers in South Korea to set default fund in their DC retirement plans

    Employers in South Korea have until July 11, 2023 to implement a significant change affecting members’ retirement investment choice.

  5. Applying ESG principles to retirement benefits

    Organizations have an opportunity and responsibility to make a difference around the environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda, and retirement plans are no exception.

  6. Understanding trends in global pension fund assets

    The Thinking Ahead Institute’s Global Pensions Assets Survey 2023 looks at the latest trends and size of the global pensions industry. A must read for anyone managing retirement plans.

  7. Wellbeing Diagnostic

    WTW helps clients assess and understand the current state of employee wellbeing at their organizations, benchmark against industry peers and best-practice companies, and evaluate wellbeing’s influence on business outcomes and performance.

  8. M&A Pre Deal

    Before your deal activity gets underway, we can support you from both a human capital and risk management perspective. We help make your deal a success by using our foresight and experience and a robust process to manage transaction risks.


Global News Briefs

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