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Employers in the Middle East look to enhance benefits to win the war for talent

Highlights from the 2023 Benefits Trends Survey — Middle East

July 17, 2023

To win talent, it’s important to design programs that meet the needs of diverse employees.
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Infographic on Middle East highlights from the 2023 Benefits Trends Survey - described below


Rising costs and competition for talent are key issues driving benefits strategy

Key business issues influencing benefits strategy

  • Competition for talent: 64%
  • Rising costs: 64%
  • Flexible work arrangements: 32%
  • Focus on inclusion and diversity: 28%

Note: A maximum of three options could be selected

To win talent, it’s important to design programs that meet the needs of diverse employees

Six in 10 employers said this was a focus

Key focus areas for the benefits strategy

  • 61% Plan cost
  • 59% Meet needs for all employees
  • 50% Benchmarking and market trends
  • 40% Wellbeing

Note: Percentages indicate “ranked top 3”

When it comes to the benefits portfolio, health benefits are the primary focus

What are employer priorities to support their workforce?

  • Health benefits: 68%
  • Career, training and development: 56%
  • Risk and insurance benefits: 36%
  • Mental health support: 27%
  • Financial wellbeing/short-term finances: 26%
  • Inclusion and diversity: 25%

Note: Percentages indicate “ranked top 3”

Employers look to improve their market position in wellbeing and retirement

Percentage of employers looking to improve their benefits positions

  • Financial wellbeing/short-term finances: 35%
  • Retirement plan/long-term finances: 28%
  • Mental health support: 27%

In benefits financing, 7 in 10 employers are reviewing vendor contracts

Percentage of employers who have taken an action in benefits financing

  • Improve terms from vendor contracts: 67%
  • Bundle different services into one package from a single vendor: 41%
  • Expand use of risk financing arrangements: 40%

Next steps for employers

  • Optimize

    Strike the right balance between cost management and maximizing employee appreciation. Finding out what employees need will involve using different means, including pulse surveys, town halls and focus groups.

  • Differentiate

    The same benefits will not resonate for everyone. Employers can cater to different needs — whether it’s differences by ethnicity, gender, race or other factors — by ensuring employees have a choice.

  • Deliver

    Think about the employee experience when delivering benefits, including a technology aspect as necessary.

  • Evaluate and refine

    Through analyzing and measuring program performance, employers can refine existing programs as needed to ensure they’re delivering the most value.

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