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Health and Benefits

At WTW, we use our deep expertise, research, analytics and resources across the full spectrum of health benefits to provide employers with strategic insights, innovative solutions and value for their business and employees.

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We help our clients achieve overall program efficiency, affordability, and competitiveness to ultimately develop and sustain a healthy, high-performing workforce.

Our services address the top issues employers of all sizes are facing to better meet employees' needs:

  • Health benefits strategy and financial management
  • Health care access, quality and affordability
  • Integrated employee wellbeing
  • Choice, personalization and employee experience

Strategy and financial management

Benefits strategy, design, subsidization and delivery must evolve to meet employers' strategic objectives, the needs of a changing workforce, and align with organizational values. We help you examine health care benefits in the context of your employee value proposition (EVP) and develop a strategy that is agile and responsive to the pace of change.

  • We measure and analyze your health care data to understand your population health and to develop the right strategies and initiatives to support and achieve your health care goals.
  • We evaluate your health plan's performance both nationally and in key locations to assess the opportunity and identify where gaps in value exist. Leveraging our market-leading carrier and vendor relationships, from placement of business, to claim handling, to general implementation, we research the availability of solutions based on your data, and determine the best solutions for your objectives and population.
  • We also provide the metrics to help you drive improved performance and better results.

For multinationals, we bring all of this to bear in a global context — providing cost-effective advice and coordination, including brokerage services, on both a global and individual country level.

Health care access, quality and affordability

More employers are focusing on strategic health care delivery solutions to improve access and quality, and reduce cost, as well as create a more positive patient experience.

  • We help you place greater emphasis on value-based arrangements through plan designs that encourage employees to utilize high-value services (quality and cost effectiveness) to maximize the value they receive from their health care benefit.
  • We help you improve employee access to care through telemedicine, expert medical opinion programs and other care extenders, to enhance convenience and productivity in a cost-effective manner for both medical and behavioral health conditions.
  • With pharmacy benefits becoming such a large component of health care cost for both employers and employees, we help employers take action to curb the cost of specialty pharmacy by focusing on delivery and site of care, utilization and price.

Integrated Wellbeing

Wellbeing initiatives are now a core part of a companies' benefit strategy and incorporate four key dimensions: physically thriving, emotionally balanced, financially secure and socially connected. Each dimension is both unique and intertwined with the others.

Wellbeing begins with the individual and, when achieved, extends throughout the organizational culture, the family and the larger community. For employers, wellbeing is the foundation for creating more engaged and more productive employees, contributing to improved, more sustainable business results — and a greater degree of work and career satisfaction for employees.

We help employers expand and integrate a wellbeing strategy across all four dimensions that is aligned with your Total Rewards strategy and your company culture that includes leadership commitment to wellbeing, inclusion and diversity.

We also help you design initiatives and a workplace environment that makes health and wellbeing the easiest or default option, as well as enhance navigation support and integration across all wellbeing dimensions.

Choice, personalization and employee experience

To address the different needs of employees, we help employers add choice and flexibility and enhance their members' experiences with their health and group benefits. We start by identifying the wants and needs of your workforce and assess your current benefit offerings to determine whether you offer enough choice, flexibility and personalization. We also work with you to evaluate our full spectrum of voluntary benefits and services to enhance and support your overall strategy.

Our goal is to help you lead health and benefits to attract and retain the right talent; achieve a healthier, more engaged workforce; deliver efficient, compliant, valued programs; and create an exceptional employee experience.

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