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Interrogate your data, in the right way, at the right time to deliver more valuable insights and better pricing solutions, faster.

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About Radar

Smarter insights. Better results. Delivered faster.

Radar is a complete, end-to-end analytics and model deployment solution. Built specifically for insurers by insurance experts, and continually enhanced by on-going investment, development and innovation.


Radar allows you to use data in tandem with the latest analytical machine learning approaches to improve pricing, claims and underwriting performance.

Our clients

Radar is helping insurers transform their pricing and underwriting and reap the benefits. Results our clients have seen include:

  • this is an image

    3% reduction

    in loss ratio

  • $10m business savings

    over a 3 year period

  • 2% increase

    in retention rates

  • 3 months saved

    in delivering new rates

  • $5m increase

    in new business premiums

  • A material

    return on investment

Why do more than 500 insurers put their trust in Radar?

Insurers need smarter insights from their ever-growing data lakes. They need to leverage these insights to make the right decisions to drive better business results and sustainable growth. And they need to be able to obtain these insights and deploy changes fast, when and where they need them.

  1. 01

    Smarter insights

    • Analytics powered by machine learning and optimised for the unique complexity of insurance.
    • Enables the use of open source to drive innovation and discover value.
    • In-built customer fairness assessments to allow easy compliance with regulatory requirements
  2. 02

    Better results

    • Trusted, proven and secure – governed and fully auditable
    • Flexibility to deliver superior decision making and deploy the strategy you want, when you want to.
    • Business-focused – automates processes, saving time on maintaining custom-built, inflexible solutions and other time-consuming processes
  3. 03

    Delivered faster

    • Deploy rates at the touch of a button, or schedule a specific time and date.
    • Scale up Radar performance as needed – to more than 100 million quotes per day.
    • Make rapid decisions with out-of-the-box outputs, focused on insurance.

A complete, end-to-end, analytics and model deployment solution

Whether you need a fully integrated end-to-end solution, or the technology to solve a specific analytics or model deployment problem, Radar has the answer.

Radar is licensed by...
Radar is licensed by 500+ companies, 23/25 of the world's largest insurance groups, 6000+ pricing and data scientists.
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