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WTW Research Network Annual Review 2023: Science for Resilience

February 27, 2023

Welcome to the latest review of our research portfolio, which continues to bring leading-edge science into our worlds of people, capital and risk management.
Aerospace|Risk & Analytics|Corporate Risk Tools and Technology|Medioambiental|ESG and Sustainability|Future of Work|Marine|Insurance Consulting and Technology
Climate and Resilience Hub|Climate Risk and Resilience|Geopolitical Risk|Insurer Solutions|

WTW Research Network Annual Review Topics 2023

Emerging Risks

Weather and Climate Risks

Flood and Water Management

  • Climate gentrification
  • Transport resilience and recovery strategies
  • Tailings Storage Facilities
  • Benefits and costs of Nature Based Solutions

Earth Risks

  • Tsunami risk assessment: the quest for more reliable models
  • Creating a globally consistent stochastic event set for earthquake modelling
  • Estimating population displacement following disasters
  • Impact of a giant megathrust earthquake in Chile today
  • Exploring the links between climate change and volcanic hazards
  • Parametric insurance solutions for volcanic ash disruption

People Risks

Technology Risks

Organizational Resilience


Head of the Climate and Resilience Hub
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Head of People Risks Research,
Managing Director of WTW Research Network
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Head of Technology Risks Research,
Programme Director and Climate & Resilience Hub
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