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Provident Fund Advisory Services

WTW works with you to design the fund article, review and select a provident fund service provider that maximize outcomes for employees and achieve your business objective.

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WTW provides corporate clients with advice on their provident fund from designing provident fund features, provident fund registration to fund manager review and selection to help clients best manage their provident funds to meet their employee requirements.

Qualified and Dedicated

  • Registered with the Ministry of Finance as a provider of advisory services.
  • Largest employer or pension advisors with over 5,000 professionals and actuaries worldwide.
  • Holistic perspective that look beyond investment objectives through our understanding in broader strategic people management.
  • Dedicated Investments Business that can be fully leveraged.

Exceptional Work Standards

  • Longstanding experience with over 25 years presence in Thailand and much longer globally.
  • Impeccable track record of providing provident fund advisory services to over 200 companies in the past 3 years.

Independent and Unbiased

  • No business relationship with fund managers which can cause conflicts of interest.

Customized and Cost-effective

  • Solutions based on the client’s overall employee value proposition, workforce demographics and other specific requirements.
  • Flexible modules and reasonable fees based on different client needs.

Provident fund is a savings scheme welfare which strengthens recruiting and retaining talent, helping employees to be retirement-ready. Our experts can help you design, review and optimize provident fund to maximize outcomes for your employees and achieve your business objectives.

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