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Digitalization is creating opportunities and challenges for insurance companies. But it can be hard to cut through the noise – to decide what to measure, what to automate, what the next commercial opportunities might be, and what technologies to employ to make the most of them.

Insurers: Be ready for the future with proven InsurTech solutions

Willis Towers Watson makes the complex simpler with proven, connected insurance technology solutions for insurers to capitalize on InsurTech.

Capitalize on InsurTech with proven solutions

The technology we develop is shaped by talking about these issues in conversations we have with clients every day. Our consultants and technologists work side-by-side and this combination of domain knowledge, practical experience and cutting-edge technology development is unique. It means our clients benefit from insurance-focused solutions built from the ground up. That’s why we can help (re)insurers make better data-driven decisions faster. That’s why we’re able to harness AI and machine learning to help clients save money and work better, and how our sophisticated algorithms reduce the frictional costs of insurance at every stage of the value chain.

Our teams continue to develop next-generation technology in-house as well as partnering with promising start-ups and early stage businesses. It’s about cutting through the hype and bringing clients the technology solutions that will transform their business in order to save money, work better and grow profitably.

How we can help

  1. Enhance customer experiences

    We seamlessly connect insurer and broker technologies so that agents, brokers, insurers, and most importantly consumers exchange data in a more modern and meaningful way.

  2. Harness advanced analytics

    We implement game-changing predictive modeling solutions, including machine learning, that improve performance with more accurate fraud detection, pricing, claims and underwriting.

  3. Automate processes to reduce risk

    We use process automation and governance software to automate data and analytical workflows, enabling insurers to streamline their business and reduce costs.

  4. Adapt IT to improve performance

    We bring a range of Software as a Service solutions that help insurance companies of all sizes reduce IT complexities and improve software performance.

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