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Advisory Investment Services

Advisory Investment Services help empower institutional investors to achieve their specific objectives. We seek to do this by delivering outstanding investment advice and solutions, based on a strong foundation of research, analysis, innovation and trust.

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We advise benefit funds, defined contribution funds, endowments and foundations, insurance companies, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Family Offices. Our management consultancy services extend to investment processes for funds and ‘mega funds’.

The consultancy services we provide encompass mission and beliefs, risk management plans, asset allocations and risk budgets, portfolio construction and selection of third-party asset managers. Our objective is always to create financial value for asset owners.

While investment advice is tailored to the specific needs of our clients and is not a one-size-fits-all approach, we believe applying a consistent framework to the investment process is crucial to enabling our clients to realise their goals.

Our approach:

  1. 01

    Mission and beliefs

    Initially, we believe it is essential to establish an investor’s overall mission and objectives, as well as their constraints. It is imperative to understand your level of governance and investment beliefs to create the right investment strategy. We will work with you to establish the decision-making structure and investment beliefs that are right for your program. We believe diligence in creating this framework can help lead to a better outcome for your Investment program.

  2. 02

    Risk Management Plan

    Our first step involves setting an appropriate risk budget, with reference to the objectives and constraints already developed. The risk budget seeks to answer the question — ‘how much risk is the investor prepared to take in order to achieve their objectives?’.

  3. 03

    Portfolio construction

    We use the relevant investment parameters set in the portfolio construction stage to balance assets and strategies. The aim is to achieve your mission while maximising total net return per unit of risk, recognising the investment beliefs established at the outset around diversification, hedging strategies and active management.

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    We will advise on populating the portfolio with the highest conviction managers across liquid/illiquid strategies and passive, smart beta and/or active strategies.

    WTW is also able to offer operational due diligence services. We have one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated global investment manager research teams to evaluate compelling investment opportunities, potentially reduce costs and manage risk exposure to deliver a high conviction portfolio execution.

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    Finally, we carry out both quantitative and qualitative performance monitoring. This helps ensure that the overall portfolio, as well as individual managers, adhere to the investment objectives, benchmarks, investment styles and risk controls set by the investor. The complementary nature of both qualitative and quantitative monitoring helps us to obtain an accurate, detailed and yet broad perspective on total portfolio performance. WTW ensures that its monitoring process is regular, flexible and specific to each client’s requirements.

How we are different

  • We are experienced at designing custom, innovative and successful investment solutions for our clients.
  • Sophisticated portfolio construction and risk management
  • An experienced global manager and asset research team
  • Innovative thought leadership and idea generation
  • High-touch client service aided by a low client-to consultant ratio
  • There is a flexible range of services to meet your needs
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