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Actuarial valuation of employee benefits

WTW performs actuarial valuations of employee benefits in accordance with local and international standards, including IAS19, TAS19 and US GAAP to help clients make prudent financial management.

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We provide insights and advisory service on employee retirement and other long-term benefits plans as well as offering actuarial valuation report service for employee benefits’ accounting prepared by our professional team and certified by an actuary.

Qualified and Dedicated

  • Largest team of credentialed local actuaries and consultants in Thailand supported by regional and global professionals.
  • Qualified actuarial fellows to review and sign required deliverables.
  • Over 25 years of offering actuarial services in Thailand with more than 500 clients in the past 5 years.
  • Full understanding on IAS 19, TAS 19, US GAPP and their implications.

Exceptional Work Standards

  • Do-check-review approach to ensure quality services and accuracy.
  • Excellence program to promote highest work standards and improvements.
  • Data privacy standards in place in accordance with PDPA requirements to protect your sensitive and confidential information.

Value-added and Integrated

  • Regular educational sessions to share knowledge on current market situations, trends and other
  • Related consulting services in the areas of human capital management, pension management, retirement planning, investment and financial wellbeing.

Standardized and Flexible

  • Standard and flexible pricing model in line with company’s requirements and context to offer reasonable fees.

As a leading global actuarial firm with a presence in almost every country, we can help multinational companies manage their global as well as local retirement plans with ease of access to global market data, best practices and solutions.

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