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Interactive Risk Register

Manage your firm’s risk with a powerful tool that is scalable and fully customizable to fit your needs, enabling you to identify, register, manage and report on your organization’s risk and allowing you to make informed decisions about your risk treatment strategies.

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In today’s volatile business environment, WTW's Interactive Risk Register is an asset to help organizations navigate risk uncertainties. Aligned with the ISO 31000 standard, this flexible solution serves as a risk management tool, offering adaptability for evolving needs. This risk register stands out due to its user-friendly platform, advanced risk assessment criteria and ongoing support. With these integrated features, the Interactive Risk Register not only enables proactive risk management but also allows for tailored approaches, empowering organizations to address specific needs and uncertainties with greater effectiveness.

What is the Interactive Risk Register?

The Interactive Risk Register is an innovative solution in the field of risk management, offering a toolkit for organizations navigating the intricacies of their risk landscape. Designed by industry specialists at WTW, this dynamic platform is tailored to meet diverse business needs. Key attributes include:

  • Customized risk management: functioning as both a risk register and an all-encompassing risk management tool, this solution aligns seamlessly with the ISO 31000 standard. The risk management tool is adaptable to meet the unique needs of your organization with a tailored and effective approach to risk management.
  • Versatile components: the platform offers a range of essential features from a risk register, a risk matrix and an executive summary to a customizable risk dashboard. Its customization capabilities allow efficient alignment with your organization’s requirements.
  • User-friendly interface: the inclusion of user guides and instructional videos alongside the Interactive Risk Register tool facilitates implementation, simplifying the process for your team. Its user-friendly design not only reduces the learning curve but also makes it suitable for organizations across various industries.
  • Advanced risk assessment criteria: the platform embraces both quantitative and qualitative risk analysis based on likelihood and impact scales, going beyond conventional risk registers. Organizations can opt for additional criteria such as vulnerability and velocity, aligning effortlessly with evolving risk management needs.

Whether you’re seeking a risk register template, risk register software, or a comprehensive business risk management tool, WTW’s Interactive Risk Register will help you to manage your risks.

How can WTW’s Interactive Risk Register tool benefit you?

  • Enhanced risk visibility: say goodbye to poor risk visibility. The Interactive Risk Register provides a centralized platform where all risk information is consolidated. Customizable dashboards and executive summaries offer clear, at-a-glance insights, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Time and resource efficiency: no need for time-consuming and resource-heavy risk management processes. The Interactive Risk Register streamlines the entire risk management lifecycle, allowing you to focus resources efficiently and prioritize critical tasks.
  • Tailored risk management: the tool's flexibility allows for a tailored approach. You can choose a multi-tiered setup, ensuring that senior leaders have a comprehensive view while departmental teams only see relevant information, promoting ownership and accountability.
  • Defined risk appetite: with clearly set risk appetite scores against impact categories, the Interactive Risk Register enables you to differentiate escalation protocols and monitor risks according to appetite status. This ensures a proactive approach to risk management aligned with your organizational goals.
  • Expert guidance and training: leverage the expertise of WTW's risk professionals for valuable guidance and support. We want to make sure your transition is smooth and address any queries you may have so our solution includes 12 months of ongoing technical support and a technical training session to upskill your team, promoting self-sufficiency.

A smarter way to manage risk. Get in touch to find out more.

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