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Sustainable Investment

Sustainable investment is about helping improve investment outcomes – seeking better returns and lower risk.

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Amid regulatory pressure, reputational risks and opportunities, increased public awareness and media attention, sustainable investment has moved up institutional investors’ agendas.

It is about finance-driven, long-term strategies that integrate environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors and effective stewardship. We believe this reflects good risk management, supports a robust investment industry and is central to successful long-term investment strategies.

Sustainable investment

At WTW, we have long believed in the importance of sustainable investment. We also believe that integrating sustainable investment into the entire investment process from setting the mission and objectives through asset allocation, portfolio construction and manager selection, to monitoring and reporting, is the best way to realise its full value.

Our Fiduciary Management and pooled solutions gives clients access to our best sustainable investment ideas and implementation, and are naturally where the full effect of our sustainable investment research can be felt.

More widely, we help asset owners:

  • Build their knowledge of sustainable investment and stewardship
  • Develop sustainable investment beliefs, policy and strategy
  • Integrate ESG considerations within investment decision-making and ownership practices
  • Find product solutions within public and private equity, credit and alternatives
  • Allocate capital to thematic strategies
  • Monitor and report on the ESG integration and stewardship capabilities of their investment managers
  • Assess and report on the resilience of multi-asset portfolios to key sustainability issues, including detailed analysis on ESG and carbon risk exposures
  • Meet regulatory requirements and recommended best practice guidance
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