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Property Quantified

Quantifies your global property loss potential from both catastrophe-driven and non-cat hazards and optimizes risk transfer spend.

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Property Quantified is a digitally-enabled platform that models both natural catastrophe perils and all other loss types (e.g. fire and leakage) and performs an insurance strategy evaluation. This tool combines the power of traditional cat modeling with our proprietary non-cat loss quantification to holistically assess your property program globally.

Property Quantified helps you gain useful quantitative insight into all possible claim types on a location and portfolio level, and experience a sophisticated level of dynamic engagement.

Property Quantified models loss potential, evaluates risk transfer strategies and provides financial decision support. It analyzes insurance strategies, giving you the knowledge you need to compare complex policies for global property risk by considering engineering reports, loss history and basic causes of loss and natural catastrophe perils.

Property Quantified

  • An analytical tool that quantifies both catastrophe and non-catastrophe risks in a single platform
  • An interactive platform that gives the ability to view property loss exposure by peril, geography, and location
  • Provides comprehensive decision support for risk transfer strategy creation and subsequent quote evaluation
  • Provides a customized view of potential retained losses under different insurance strategies

Leverages both in-house and vendor expertise:

  • CAT Risk Evaluation: automatic Feed from RMS
  • Non-CAT Evaluation: WTW loss algorithms
  • Other CAT Evaluation: Munich Re’s NATHAN
Scorecard - Property Quantified screen shot
Scorecard - Property Quantified screen shot

Why should you use Property Quantified?

  • A scalable model helps you evaluate non-catastrophic risks like fire, and catastrophic risks like earthquake, hurricane and flood
  • Creates and adjusts insurance strategies for your organization's whole property portfolio, by location or peril, in an interactive platform. Make any change and see the impact to your loss potential immediately
  • Understand how historical catastrophic events would affect your portfolio today

For whom is it appropriate?

  • Property Quantified is designed for organizations with locations anywhere in the world. It is suited for clients with diverse multinational property portfolios, and also for our regional clients
  • This tool is useful for any organization considering property insurance or other property risk transfer solutions and wants to explore the risk/return equation

What geographies does this tool support?

  • Property Quantified is a global tool supporting all geographies with continuously updated data
  • We will continue to add country-specific variations as we gain data and insight globally

When should you use Property Quantified?

  • Renewal of your company's property insurance program
  • Potential changes to location or peril-specific insurance coverages
  • Evaluation of property acquisitions or divestitures

What can I do with information gained from Property Quantified?

  • Assess your loss potential to better understand your overall risk management strategy
  • Evaluate your location data quality – improving the quality of your data can change how the market perceives your risk
  • Identify facilities where a detailed engineering report can be beneficial.
  • Answer the question "When does my insurance strategy pay off?" Demonstrate that insurance creates a more predictable environment: reducing volatility, improving stability, protecting from catastrophic loss.

Future enhancements

We continuously improve our models. Planned enhancements include expanding our modeled hazards to include terrorism.

Property Quantified screen shot
Property Quantified screen shot
Property Quantified screen shot
Property Quantified screen shot
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