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Future flight: The next aviation revolution

Future flight technologies are coming, and we are here to support manufacturers, air and land operators and novel air technology industry stakeholders.

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New classes of manned and unmanned air vehicles will come into commercial service over the next few years, representing the future flight sector.

These emerging technologies and advanced air mobility (AAM) business models will transform how the aviation industry connects people, transports goods, and delivers services. The novel technologies that are expected to be deployed such as electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL), hydrogen, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and electric powered aircraft will aim to support the industry's sustainability, efficiency and connectivity goals.

Airports as we know them today will transform too in order to accommodate those new air users, and some are being designed and purposely built around the world, as new vertiports models.

At the heart of aviation

WTW is committed to advising industry stakeholders in the future flight sector, whilst contributing to research to support the industry as it strives to understand, explain, and develop the path to operation. Our focus is both on emerging risks and informing decisions on how to best maximise the opportunities to build resilience and preparedness for future flight’s safe integration and interoperability.

Three elements help to shape our perspectives:

  1. 01

    WTW Research Network

    Our WTW Research Network is a not-for-profit supporting open science and innovation. It provides scientific insight into emerging risks, changing industry structures and the potential impact of new business models. The award-winning team works in partnership with over 60 organizations in science, academia, think tanks and the private sector to enhance risk understanding and quantification to improve the resilience of both our clients, and society as a whole.

  2. 02

    Active contribution to industry discussions

    We have a recognized voice in the discussions between the aviation industry and wider decision makers. This enables us to provide a bridge between our clients and other parts of the industry that will make it easier for future flight to be integrated safely with existing air users. We actively participate in several industry groups including: Industry Coordination for Airspace Modernisation Strategy (ICAMS), Future Aviation Industry Working Group (FAIWG), AIG|WTW Specialty Development Programme, Future Flight Working Group and Towards Net Zero Aviation (TOZCA).

  3. 03

    Experienced risk management and insurance broking teams

    Our risk management and insurance broking experts work closely across many industries where emerging technologies such as electric vehicles (EV) and rapid charging technology, hydrogen and similar innovation will be introduced. Therefore, we are able to share learnings from other sectors and build our technical expertise and best practices with relevancy for aviation and vice versa.

We deliver a smarter way to risk

These three elements in addition to our data driven, insight led solutions in the areas of people, risk and capital and our in-house technical aviation expertise put us in a strong position to support future flight operators and novel air technology industry stakeholders as they make the journey from use case, to certification and through to compliance. We look forward to supporting them each step of the way and celebrating their commercial, viable entry into the market.

Would you like support in your future flight journey? Contact our team for an initial discussion.

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