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Episode 6: Integrating ESG into risk management

March 17, 2023

While the world made some progress in 2022 to address climate change, much still remains to be done here in Asia. In this episode, we discuss how ESG factors are shaping risk management for companies in Asia.
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ESG In Sight
ESG In Sight: SEA | Race to Resilience Episode 6

Integrating ESG into risk management

The significance of ESG goes beyond being a trendy term; and what sets today apart is the pressing need to tackle ESG issues, which presents both risks and opportunities for organisations. With ESG and associated risks gaining prominence, companies must take proactive measures in reinforcing their ESG strategies to avoid the risk of being denied access to financing or insurance. In light of this, the last episode raises the question, “What risk management tactics can companies implement to manage and reduce ESG risks in Asia?

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