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Article Series: Modernising Benefits in Asia Pacific

May 14, 2020

As employers in Asia Pacific navigate an uncertain future, this series shares how to find efficient ways to deliver, finance, and manage benefit programs.
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With current global events accelerating new ways of working and increasing the need to optimise value and spend, a cohesive, evolving strategy can help to navigate the future of benefits.

Modernising Benefits in Asia Pacific

In this six-part article series, we look at how employers can design, finance and deliver their benefits for tomorrow’s workforce.

  1. 01

    Part 1: What does the future hold?

    It’s important to consider how the future of benefits will impact the way employees consume and experience benefits, and how employers can respond.

  2. 02

    Part 2: Make your benefits portfolio matter

    Employers today need to be able to design a benefits portfolio that is modern, cost effective and relevant to their workforce, while being flexible enough to weather change.

  3. 03

    Part 3: Financing benefits sustainably

    Benefit cost management is a growing challenge in Asia Pacific. We investigate what’s driving these rising costs, and how employers can design and deliver a sustainable benefit package.

  4. 04

    Part 4: Building a positive employee experience

    Employers are recognising the importance of the employee experience when it comes to modernising benefits. We highlight how to optimise benefit design, funding and delivery to drive employee engagement.

  5. 05

    Part 5: Streamlining benefits administration through technology

    How to effectively deploy technology and resources for the administration and operations of your benefits program.

  6. 06

    Part 6: Powering benefits through analytics and insights

    Leveraging data-driven insights to modernise your benefits strategy and make informed decisions.

The Benefits Navigator

To navigate the often complex and interconnected decisions around employee benefits, and to ensure there is a consistent, evidence-driven way of arriving at solutions, we suggest considering a framework with the following dimensions:

Graphic presenting the five pillars of the Benefits Navigator: Portfolio, Financing, Employee Experience, Admin and Operations, and Data Analytics
The Benefits Navigator

An operating model to make, execute and monitor strategic decisions related to benefit programs.

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