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ESG and Sustainability - Sustainable Investment

SustainabIe investing (SI) describes long-term, finance-driven strategies that integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, effective stewardship and real-world impact in investment arrangements.

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It entails good risk management and supports a robust investment industry. We believe that the principles underlying SI form the cornerstone of a successful long-term investment strategy and that SI considerations can materially improve risk and return for our portfolios and clients.

To support investors’ efforts to meet ESG and sustainability goals, Willis Towers Watson provides analysis, advice, solutions and implementation support across the full range of investment decision making and portfolio management, from governance through strategy and manager selection to ongoing monitoring. Our fiduciary management and pooled solutions provide clients access to our best sustainable investment ideas and implementation, providing them the full benefits of our sustainable investment research and capabilities.

We help asset owners to:

  • Increase their knowledge of sustainable investment and stewardship and develop sustainable investment beliefs, policies and strategy
  • Integrate ESG considerations within investment decision making and ownership practices
  • Monitor and report on the ESG integration and stewardship capabilities of their investment managers
  • Assess and report on the resilience of multi-asset portfolios to key sustainability issues, including detailed analysis on ESG and climate risk exposures
  • Find product solutions within public and private equity, credit and alternatives
  • Allocate capital to thematic strategies
  • Meet regulatory requirements and recommended best practices

We firmly believe that sustainable investment is central to successful long-term investor outcomes. In particular, climate change and a just transition to net-zero carbon emissions, represent a systemic and urgent global challenge that requires specific risk management, opportunity identification and collective action. We have identified climate change as a critical and systemic priority, given the risks it presents to our clients’ investments, the ongoing resilience of the savings universe and the planet as a whole.

Our approach is to combine deep research, proprietary portfolio management tools and analysis, effective stewardship and industry collaboration to deliver SI solutions via practical solutions tailored to individual client contexts. This forms part of Willis Towers Watson Climate Quantified, supporting corporate, finance and public sector clients to identify, assess and act on physical, transition and liability risks arising from regulatory, investor, consumer, employee and operating pressures.

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