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Unify is an enterprise-wide systems integration, automation and governance platform designed specifically to serve the insurance industry.

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WTW's Unify connects and integrates all of the disparate systems an insurer may have. It provides automation to enable processes to be completed more efficiently, freeing up expensive personnel to perform more beneficial, ‘value-added’ work.

How can your business benefit from Unify?

System connection and integration

Builds connections between the various tools and technologies in an insurer’s ecosystem, allowing information to be presented to different audiences in the appropriate format, including enabling data visualization tools like Power BI.

Process automation

Provides an efficient, agile and flexible end-to-end automated process, creating savings in the effort and cost of employees devoted to producing numbers.

Regulatory compliance

Significantly reduces the time taken to prepare regulatory and accounting numbers, providing greater transparency and consistency of results.

Governance and control

Supports best practice governance including security, process review and approval and version control.


Processes audit trails tailored to your company's requirements to help ensure your financial modelling processes are conducted properly and tracked thoroughly.

On-demand, 24/7

On-demand computing power and 24/7 availability means calculations are processed and executed by robots in a quicker and more efficient manner, as execution is not restricted by an individual’s normal working day.

Unify SaaS

Our SaaS deployment option transforms the Unify experience; providing all the benefits of our enterprise platform for automated solutions to achieve efficiency, quality, and control in a flexible, on-demand Microsoft Azure Cloud environment. Managed and maintained by WTW.

For further information on how Unify can help you, including requesting a demo, please contact us at

Unify has changed our Reserving Process significantly. We've moved away from excel spreadsheets to a more robust process using SQL, ResQ and Tableau. Unify links the three together so users do not need the in-depth knowledge to do so themselves.”

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