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With this single source of truth for digital skills, you will access the reward insights you need to make strategic decisions for attracting and retaining high-demand talent.

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The digital economy is moving at a rapid pace and, with no slowdown in sight, digital talent is scarce and in high demand everywhere. The skills that bring value to your organization can change frequently, which means restrictive job classifications are unable to adapt.

SkillsVue equips you with the key information you need to make skill-related compensation decisions efficiently and effectively. With this one-of-a-kind software platform, you can inform your reward decisions and position your organization as an employer of choice among digital talent.

You can’t solve tomorrow’s problems using yesterday’s tools


Attracting and retaining the right digital talent is a top challenge around the world. We have a way to solve it.

Focusing on skills and skill-based pay is critical for attracting and retaining digital talent. With SkillsVue, you can:

Go beyond pure role-based compensation frameworks and differentiate rewards based on skill requirements

Access an interactive platform to model digital skill requirements and gain market-leading insights on skill prevalence and the impact of skills on pay

Learn whether skills are in higher demand or if they are cooling off to anticipate scarcity and ensure you have the right talent to support your digital operations

Built on a foundation of robust compensation data from WTW’s Artificial Intelligence and Digital Talent survey, SkillsVue uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to analyze skills data and calculate the valuations of skills and their impact on pay.

Your organization needs to stay ahead of the competition and on-pace in your digital transformation journey. Leveraging quality market insights on skills to assess weak spots and fortify your digital talent pool is critical.

We are in a seller’s market for digital talent. You need to do more to stand out. Take a SkillsVue.


SkillsVue is available as a local product for the United Kingdom and United States, and as a regional product for Europe.

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